Biomass pyrolysis carbonizatio

☆ Background

According to the "renewable energy medium and long term development plan", by 2020, China's annual utilization of biogas will reach 44 billion m3, biogas project in the absorption of organic waste, the production of clean energy at the same time, accompanied by a large number of anaerobic digestion residue - biogas slurry. Especially in some large and medium-sized aquaculture biogas project, the biogas slurry produced every day can reach hundreds of tons, if these slurry biogas slurry is not reasonable disposal, not only a waste of resources, but also on the air, soil and water caused by secondary pollution. When the biogas slags obtained through centrifugal separation are dried and pyrolyzed, biochar, pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis gas can be obtained. As the pyrolysis temperature increases, the carbon yield gradually decreases and the gas yield gradually increases. Biogas slurry pyrolysis is a resource - based and harmless disposal technology.

☆ Mechanism

The mechanism of biomass straw recycling

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☆ Environmental benefit analysis